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Water Earth is a platform game made by Jules Gatelier for the Open Jam 2019.
The theme was: The Future.

The game was inspired by Celeste.

In this game you control a robot that try to escape the rise of the water caused by the global warming. In fact, many can see the future with a lot of technologies and all but if humans continue to pollute the Earth like that, global warming will increase and the ice will melt.

Game made with Godot. Music and sounds with Musescore3 and Bosca Ceoil.

The game is pretty little: a lot of arts, sounds and polish are missing. But I didn't have the time, I think I made the game in a total of 12/15 hours.

Water Earth est un jeu de plateforme créé par Jules Gatelier pour l'Open Jam 2019.
Le thème : The Future

Le jeu a été inspiré par Celeste.

Dans ce jeu vous contrôlez un robot qui essaye d'échapper à la montée des eaux, causée par le réchauffement climatique. En effet, nombreux sont ceux qui imaginent le futur avec beaucoup de technologies etc... Mais si les humains continuent de polluer la Terre comme cela, le réchauffement climatique augmentera et les glaciers fonderont.

Install instructions


ZQSD - Arrows : Move
Space : Jump
Xbox360 controller : A to jump

You can hold down and jump for 1 sec and when you release jump the robot makes a higher jump, you'll need it.


Water Earth - Win64.rar 12 MB
Water Earth - Mac.rar 19 MB
Water Earth - Linux.rar 14 MB

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